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A Fresh Start… August 11, 2009

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Hi everybody.  After learning from my friend, Rebecca, that there are scary people surfing the web,  finding pictures of our children, and photoshopping them into yucky pictures, I’ve decided (on the advice of my sister) to move my blog to WordPress.  It’s not as pretty as blogspot and will take time to learn (bear with me), but I can password-protect posts that have pictures of my children on them.  (I know you’re laughing because I rarely post pictures… I know, I know.  It’s mostly because our camera batteries have been dead forever and, like I told Whitney, it’s hard to find a time to take a picture when everyone is dressed, clean-faced, hair-fixed-up, and smiling.  I’m working on it, though :).)  Plus, I know when little Matthew comes that I’ll want to post pictures of him and of our family enjoying him.  I also wanted to mention that, hopefully in the near future, I’ll create a separate blog specifically for my breastfeeding stories and information.  That way I won’t bore those of you who really don’t care :).  Most of all, though, I want a special place for others with my problems to be able to find through a search engine so that maybe my struggles and, hopefully, successes, can encourage and help them.  Well, Christopher has the kiddos in the other room watching “Baby Deer” (aka- Bambi) and I need to get moving since it’s already 11am… so much to do!


One Response to “A Fresh Start…”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hey Kate! I just popped on here for a second and checked your blog. You’ve moved! 🙂 I like your new blog. Very fresh and pretty. Yeah, I am a little unsettled about the whole stealing pics thing for purposes unknown. I’ve actually heard a few more stories about pics being stolen for various reasons and I am sufficiently convinced to remain annonymous for the safety of my family. While you and I and others like us do not spend much time on the internet nor would we be up to no good on it, there are many, many out there who do and are… I like your idea of starting a new blog. I really like posting pics – I think it is fun to share them with friends like you, but I will have to keep that to email, I am afraid.

    Well, I just had a minute here and haven’t been able to read all your posts but have seen that you are looking into breastfeeding. I commend you for doing that even in the face of obstacles. It is worth fighting for, I believe. 🙂 I will be praying with you in that matter. I had to fight like mad to nurse my first and nearly gave up but persevered. I am of the opinion though that if it doesn’t work for some reason, don’t beat yourself up over it. YOU are the best mommy for that little one and YOU are exactly what they need no matter what!!!

    I am so glad you have not given up blogging and that you plan to continue. I enjoy reading and am encouraged by your words, stories and life. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂 I am not done blogging either and will return when life settles down a bit. I am thinking of still posting pics but real annonymous ones where faces and such are not distinguishable. I may do just like you and start a new blog but keep my old one for my own records – since it is a journal.

    Hey, I noticed on your ticker from your other site that you and baby Matthew have only 99 days to go. You are down into the double digits girl! Yippee!!! It is going fast, no doubt.

    Well, you have a great day and I will look forward to reading your posts when time allows me. Right now, everyone is napping but I must be off to roll up my sleeves and do some chores. Talk to you later…


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