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Murphy’s Law August 12, 2009

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So, I was so proud of myself today.  I’m working on getting the house clean and ready for our Matthew to make his entrance.  So, I started not only washing all the sheets and comforters in the house, but also putting up some of the girls blankets and “downsizing.”  (Somehow they keep collecting them from the linen closet and had like 3-5 blankets and/or comforters each.)  Anyhow, right before nap, their sheets were on their bed and their comforters were fresh and warm from the dryer- perfect for a rainy day.  I put them to bed and had an incredible 2-hour nap myself.  When Gabi woke up, she was kind of moody.  (Not a rare occurance for her.)  I picked her up to comfort her and, low and behold, she was wet.  Yes, she had wet her bed, complete with fresh sheets and, yes, it even got on the comforter.  Agh… so, her sheets and comforter are once again in the washer and dryer and we’re starting again.  The really ironic thing about this is that she hasn’t had a naptime accident in quite awhile.  (She still wears a diaper at night time- definitely not ready to tackle that one yet.)  Ah, well, c’est la Vie.  At least, that’s life if you’re a busy mom :).  Praise the Lord that I woke up in a good mood from my wonderful nap and just chuckled and kissed her.  Some days, I admit, I would have lost it.  Kate -1, Kate’s flesh-0… for now :).  If she has an accident tonight I’m not promising anything… 🙂


One Response to “Murphy’s Law”

  1. Whitney Says:

    You’re more brave than I am! I still put Rachel in a pull-up for naptime… she has been having so many little tiny accidents…
    Maybe I need to just cut the pull-ups so she doesn’t have them as a crutch. Somethin’ to think about anyways…

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