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Getting Ready… August 14, 2009

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 I’ve had so much fun the past week getting ready for Matthew Scott’s arrival.  I don’t want to “jinx” myself by getting ready too early (not that I really believe it that,) but we were so unprepared when Evan came early that I’m determined to be ready, just in case.  So this week, while my 12-year old brother, Christopher has been staying with us, I’ve taken the opportunity to work on preparations.  We have an extra crib that has been in our bedroom since we moved because Naaman was in it up until a little over a week ago.  Praise the Lord, he’s been sleeping through the night and in his room with Evan for 8 days now.  (We already had his crib set up in Evan’s room so it would be ready for him.)  We have a moses basket that we got with Naaman because we lived in a pretty tiny duplex.  He ended up sleeping in that basket on the kitchen table for the first few months of his life.  I love how cozy it is, so I’ve set it inside the crib for the first few months of Matthew’s life just so he can feel snuggly.  (I have to admit, though, that all of our babies have slept in bed with us for some or all of their first days and weeks.  We’re very careful and it just is something that we enjoy.  He may be in the moses basket in the middle of our bed now since we have a king-sized and it should fit, but that depends on if we can keep Gabi out of our bed! :))  So, anyhow, his basket is clean and ready and in the crib and beside it is a stack of washed, sweet-smelling, fluffy blankets.  Beside that is a stack of diapers, though we do most diaper changing in the living room.  It’s nice to be able to fit all of that in the crib and kind of keep it to one area.  I also washed all of our newborn up to 3 months clothes (in case he’s full term and a big baby- which is so hard for me to picture!) and hung them up on his baby-blue hangers so they’re ready for him.  I’ve made lists for the hospital.  One list for if I have a “normal” delivery and am only there for a couple of days and another list to add to it if I have to be there awhile on bedrest.  (If I’m there awhile I want things like a CD player and my Seeds Family Worship cds to listen to because tv just doesn’t interest me much anymore.)  Other things I am doing are just kind of random organizing/cleaning of things that I don’t get to often.  I cleaned the girls’ room (though I have a bit to finish) and began cleaning the boys’ room.  I’m hoping James can help this weekend.  Other than that, I’m just trying to stay ahead of laundry and dishes and such so that they aren’t piled up if we have to make a quick move to the hospital.  (With Evan, I just went for a routine visit, and ended up not coming home until a week and a half later when I was discharged after my c-section.  Thankfully, a friend of mine brought her team of children over and cleaned our home for us so that I didn’t have to walk into a wreck- especially since James had been barely living there while I was in the hospital.)  I’m looking around at the office as I sit here and it needs a really good organizing, but I’ll settle for things being stacked in neat piles if I have to. 🙂  I’m sure that I’ll have to redo a lot of this cleaning if Matthew doesn’t come early, but at least I feel better about being as ready as I can.  Christopher has been such a huge help this week; he’s homeschooled, so I asked my mom if he could come help after Matthew comes home when James has to go back to work.  He could continue some of his school, but I think it’s good overall for him to be here with us since he doesn’t really, truly have siblings to play with and learn from.  He’s really learning how to be patient with the girls and give up what he wants to do for what’s best for everyone.  And, as I said, he’s a huge help!  I’m trying to rest as much as possible, to stress as little as possible, and just to pray as hard and often as I can so that my body will relax and not decide that preeclampsia sounds fun :).  Lord willing, we’ll have an almost full-term baby somewhere around November 2nd.  (They will induce me at 38 weeks if he has not come by then.)


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    Hey! I need a password. 🙂 I wanna see the pictures…

    Oh, new blog. What do ya think?

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