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Preschool, tomatoes, adoption, and childbirth August 20, 2009

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Random list, huh?  But this has been a crazy, busy, wonderful week so I have to write about it before I forget.

Preschool:  On Monday, we started our homeschool preschool.  We’re working on the letter Aa, among other concepts.  (counting, shapes (review for Gabi, newish for Sarah), color review, etc.)  We loosely used some lesson plans my mom came up with and they’ve been great for a pretty simplistic first week.  Since we’ve already worked on Aa, it’s familiar and it’s just been an enjoyable week.

Tomatoes:  I love tomatoes!  Used to absolutely hate them, but lived in Romania for a summer and fell in love with the “real thing.”  This pregnancy, I have been craving them so badly.  One day, I ate a tomato sandwich on a bagel for breakfast, a turkey and tomato sandwich for lunch, and a bacon, egg, and tomato sandwich for dinner.  I couldn’t help it… .soooooo yummy!

Adoption:  We found out last night that a week from today we’ll be signing Sarah’s adoption agreement with DSS.  After that, we take a bunch of paperwork to our lawyer and she basically files it and gets a court date.  We’re so excited about getting our Sarah “finalized.”  It would be great if it could happen before Matthew comes :).

Childbirth:  I’ve been really stressed lately, not knowing what’s going to happen with Matthew.  I mean, it was awful being unprepared with Evan, but this time, I know all the things that could happen, might happen, etc.  I could be delivered early be c-section.  I could be induced at 38 weeks.  I could go naturally (although the doctors seem to think there’s not much of a chance of that.)  I could have a baby in the NICU for a short time, a long time, or not at all.  I have no time (or babysitters) for a childbirth class so, although I want desperately to have a natural birth to help with nursing afterwords, I’m scared.  (I keep telling myself that women didn’t use to have classes, but they also didn’t have doctors waving medicine in front of them, you know?) 

Anyhow, lots of stuff on my mind.  Just rambling about it there with never a dull moment.  I know I have no choice but to trust God and wait, but I’m a “doer” and a “fixer” so that’s tough for me.  Oh well… guess I’ll have to live with it.


One Response to “Preschool, tomatoes, adoption, and childbirth”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Preschool, tomatoes, adoption and childbirth. I love this title! 🙂

    I am excited for you about starting preschool. When you get a chance, you’ll have to talk about how you structure that. We are getting ready to start and I am so nervous. I am committed to homeschooling but am scared. I worry that I’ll fail my kids and that I won’t do it right?! I need to take this one to God because I believe it’s His will that we do this. Please do keep us posted on how it is going. I am so encouraged and inspired by other homeschooling mommas.

    I think it’s funny that tomatoes are what you crave. Must be something in them your body needs. I craved zuchinni. Weird, huh? It’s great that what you are craving is in season. Are you growing any? I’ve not started a garden yet but that is in the plans for… maybe next year. 😉

    How exciting that Sarah’s adoption is nearly final. Praise God! He is so good. I’ll be praying with your family that all goes through quickly.

    I know what kind of quandry you are in regarding childbirth. I mulled over the options too and decided on a fully medicated/medicalized birth. Looking back, I may have changed some things but in the end, a healthy baby and mom are all that count, in my opinion. In whatever way little Matthew makes his way into the world, my prayer for you is that you and he will be healthy and safe. I will pray that you have peace between now and then and that you will rest in His care of you and that sweet little baby.

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