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Pulling the Plug August 21, 2009

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So, my friend Rebecca wrote a post asking for help with her 4-year old son because he wants to watch tv a lot and would rather do that than play.  How many of us have the same problem?  Well, I had written a long time ago that we had gotten rid of tv in our home.  It was so nice- I was happier, the kids were happier, and our home was just a more pleasant place to be because I wasn’t trying to get them in bed by a certain time so I could watch a certain show and they weren’t constantly asking me to turn on the tv.  However, when we added number 5 and 6 to our family, everything changed.  I was so tired, overwhelmed, and desperate.  I couldn’t keep the dishes washed, the laundry done, or the house clean.  So, unfortunately, I reverted to the good ol’ tube to help.  Unfortunately, it hurt more than it helped.  Everybody was whiney again (including myself) and all I wanted to do after the kids went to bed was pop in a movie and “go numb.”  (We still didn’t have cable, but did have a DVD player- just as bad for us.)  So, after suggesting to Rebecca that that might be helpful, I decided that we needed to do that again, too.  So this morning before Gabi woke up, James unplugged the tv.  We told her it wasn’t working when she asked to watch Bambi.  She wanted me to lift her up so that she could fix it, which I did.  Of course, she couldn’t.  And then she just accepted it.  Lollie and Roo came for breakfast and she told them that our tv is broken, just matter-of-factly.  It’s already been a much better morning.  I know that when Matthew comes I may reinstate a movie or two a day to help while I learn to nurse (hopefully), but I’m going to try without it first and see how it goes.  We aren’t super-parents and I’m not a total earth-mother.  It just so happens that this is something that makes our family better, so we’re willing to do it.  Funny how we call it a “sacrifice” in the beginning, but then we realize that it’s really a blessing :).  If only I had the strength to unplug the computer… 🙂


2 Responses to “Pulling the Plug”

  1. Whitney Says:

    I admire your strength… I don’t think I could do it! 🙂 Fortuntely, with our DVR recorder, we can record whatever we may want to watch, or may think the kids would like, without having to be tied to the schedule set by the television. So, that does make it easier for us. I do turn it off after a morning cartoon, but like that I can play music from the music channels instead. 🙂
    Another suggestion for your friend might be to actually PLAN activities to do. Not talking about go-somewhere, spend money stuff, but you know, like craft-y sort of things. I find the days I’ve planned to do something, there is much less TV watching, and much less whining because they’re actually engaged in something. Mine like “free play”, but sometimes, that just doesn’t cut it!

    • ajournalforme Says:

      Hey Whit… yeah, I do miss being able to play our Seeds Family Worship CDs on the DVD player. Rebecca is going to homeschool, so she’ll have activities planned soon. She just had a new baby, though, so I’m sure it’s hard to plan and do right now! Sorry I missed your call yesterday… I was on the phone with James bc he had to work. Talk to you soon!

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