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Adoption Agreements :) August 28, 2009

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Two and a half hours ago we sat down with Genny, our adoption caseworker, and signed our adoption agreement.  We had to read and initial a 16 page background summary, just in case knowing Sarah’s family background would change our minds.  Are they kidding? 🙂  Seriously, though, it was so sad.  We knew the basics, but these were the specifics.  Things like the fact that Sarah’s birth mom was most likely drug exposed in utero herself.  Things like the fact that she was in and out of foster care from the time she was a small child until she was emancipated as a rebellious teenager.  Things like the fact that her mother had her shoplift for her and sold herself for money.  Are we surprised that she had 3 children, and no longer has any of them in her custody?  Where was DSS?  Where were Christian neighbors?  She claims that she attends/attended a Baptist church- where were her brothers and sisters in Christ.  How could we possibly be angry at a mother who was only doing what she had learned?  How could we be upset with a woman who gave birth to this incredible little girl that we call our daughter?  These questions and more will never be answered.  However, we have been blessed to be given this precious gift to love and nurture and train up in the Lord.  Why would God choose us for this incredible task?  We are so unworthy- truly.  Despite the fact that their are other very sad/anxious/stressful things going on in the life of our family and our extended family right now, I don’t know that you could find a happier, more thankful set of parents tonight.  And to top it off, I read a friend for college’s blog tonight and he and his wife announced that they are adopting from Ethiopia in the months to come.  Oh that God would call others to take care of the orphans in distress!  To reiterate his comments, if you have an extra bed, then why not?  Just something to think about…  🙂  I’ll let you all know when we have a court date!


3 Responses to “Adoption Agreements :)”

  1. Michelle Says:

    YAYAYAY! Congratulations. I know you’ve waited for this exciting day a long time 🙂

  2. Whitney Says:

    Yesssss! I’m so excited!!! Hopefully everything goes through super quickly!!!

  3. shannon petrus Says:

    so happy the agreements are finally signed!!!! i know reading that summary was hard and sad. I remember thinking the same thing as I reviewed all of the BM’s info-how sad it was that she spent so MANY years in foster care and had such a terrible home life herself. She had no parents to guide her. But much praise to God for choosing you to parent, love and guide Sarah since her BM could not. I know you are such a wonderful mom to her and all your kids!!!!

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