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Happy Anniversary to Us :) September 2, 2009

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Today is mine and James’ 3rd anniversary.  Three years ago today we were getting ready to be married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at The Chapel in the Glen.  I always wondered who I would marry and what he would be like.  To tell you the truth, I had pretty much decided that I may be single for a long time right before we met, and I was okay with it.  Just a couple of months before I met my James, I had become a foster mommy.  I had a 13-month old, Brady, for 5 days.  Then, I got our Vanessa, another 13-month old who I/we would keep for the next 7 months.  One weekend that spring, I took Vanessa home (for Easter, I think) to go to church with my parents.  After church, we all went out to eat.  As we were eating, an acquaintance from high school and her boyfriend came in to eat, too.  We started chatting and I joked with Bobby, “So, do you have any friends?”  He went on to say that, yes, he did:  “James in Grad school.”  He asked if I wanted him to give James my phone number.  Well up until that point, it had been a joke.  But I thought, why not?  So he got my number and assured me that James would call me later that day.  James ended up calling me that night after he got home from church.  We spoke on the phone 2-4 hours each night that week.  The next Saturday, I took Vanessa home so my parents could babysit her and James picked me up for a double date with Bobby and Shamona.  He had a rose laying on the front seat of the car :).  He was very quiet for the 30 minute drive to dinner.  (Which doesn’t surprise you if you know him :).)  At dinner, I got eggplant parmesean and he got chicken parmesean.  I made a joke about how I was upset that I couldn’t smoke in the restaurant, and later found out that he really thought that I smoked and was so grossed out!  Ooops… Apparently it also bugged him that I took a bite of his chicken.  Anyhow, after dinner we went to see Poseidon (sp?) at the theater.  Now it was his turn to ruffle my feathers- he “joked” that my feet stunk.  So, I pretended like I was going to get up and leave.  Poor thing, he was scared that he had ruined everything.  But I stayed and we had a good time.  I knew at the end of that date that this was something incredible that was serious.  A week later he came to Greenville to take Vanessa and I on a picnic downtown.  When he got out of his car, I was nervously pushing Vanessa in her porch swing to keep my shaky hands busy.  He had gotten 2 bouquets of tulips, a tiny one for Vanessa and a bigger one for me.  I knew right then that he was the one, for sure.  We dated for 2 more weeks and he proposed.  Yes, I know… so fast.  But for us, having been a little older and not having wasted a lot of time dating other people, we knew exactly what we wanted in a mate.  We had both been praying before hand for our mates and felt like the Lord had dropped each other into our laps.  We were planning on getting married that December (about 6 months later.)  However, a couple of weeks later we decided that I should get another foster child because the need was so great.  When I got the call, James went with Vanessa and I to the hospital to pick up our little Gabi.  He chased Vanessa in the hallways while I filled out paperwork and learned about her medical needs.  Since we knew that we were meant to be, and that the chance of adopting Gabi was so great, we decided that we didn’t want to live an hour apart for the next 6 months.  How could James be Gabi’s daddy like that?  So we moved up our wedding to September 2nd.  We have never ever regretted that decision.  My James is such an incredibly Godly man.  He loves Christ, loves me, loves our children, and loves to serve others.  He is always, always quick to forgive and shows me servant-love all the time.  When I’m feeling sad or upset, I only need to have him near to feel protected.  He is my spiritual leader, my love, and my best friend.  I have no “need” for “girls’ nights out” or things like that- they’re nice, and I love my friends, but my precious husband is my favorite person to be with- I never tire of him.   I hope, with God’s grace, that I’ll love him a million times more than this in 3 years.  I pray that God would continue to mold me into the wife and friend that James needs me to be.  I love you so much, my James!  Happy Anniversary!!!


2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to Us :)”

  1. Rachelle Says:

    Kate, what a need story! James sounds like a wonderful man, and I’m really happy for you. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Hey there! And happy anniversary!!! I am just on here for a second to see how you are and to thank you for your sweet comment on my dormant little blog. 🙂 I loved hearing your story. Thanks for sharing. I will have to share mine with you someday. 😛 It is a bit long though and I’ve got to get off of here. I will continue to check in now and again to see how you are and to let you know that I am still alive. Unplugging myself has helped me in my day get so much more done. It is funny because I never spent much time at all on the computer but even just an hour of naptime would set me back so far and would be just enough to keep my distracted. I’ve had to pull away entirely for the sake of my sanity and this home. That hour or so of quiet during my kid’s nap helps me to get so much done around here. I’ve rarely ever given myself online time outside of naptime and now that I’ve eliminated that, I am almost computer/internet free. I do feel more productive but I miss chatting back and forth with friends like you. I’ve not disappeared altogether though and will be back one of these days. 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend with your sweet little family. Take care!

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