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It’s been awhile… September 19, 2009

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It’s been quite awhile since my last post… I have no excuse, only that I haven’t felt like writing as much as reading other people’s posts!  A lot has gone on; here are some of the highlights:

-Remember how we adopted Georgie the kitten a few months ago when she was thrown out of a truck in front of us on the highway?  Well, she’s doing great.  Very sweet and loving and a joy to the kids and James and I.  However, I guess we’re still foster parents at heart.  Earlier this week the kids and I were playing outside and who should happen to appear but a cute little grey striped kitten.  He was so skinny, but so loving.  He hopped right into Gabi’s arms, which thrilled her to no end.  (I think now he might be wishing he had hopped into somebody else’s arms!)  I of course had her put him down in case he had fleas or anything.  We left him outside until Daddy got home (though I did put out food and water for him- he was so skinny!).  And Daddy, who loves us so much, said he could be ours.  Well, let me tell you:  Georgie did not appreciate the brother!  She hissed at him and hid from him and one of them poopied on the floor several times in rebellion (I think Georgie…).  We went back and forth thinking, is this fair to Georgie?  We decided to give it a week or two and see if things would work out.  (Oh, I forgot to tell you- we named him Junior.)  Well you’ll never believe what I saw last night!  Georgie and Junior were both asleep in our red chair!  Almost the entire night!  The weren’t touching but they were literally inches apart… progress, I tell you!  There’s less hissing and more “dealing” with the change.  I’m hopeful that Georgie might actually come to, dare I say it, love Junior. 

-This past Thursday was the day, week-wise, that I gave birth to Evie.  I cannot tell you what a blessing it is that Matthew is still inside of me- growing big and strong.  All day long I felt like celebrating, then crying, then celebrating, then crying (you get the picture.)  Now we’re counting the days as they pass.  My sweet sister (Hi Whitney!) sent me an email yesterday saying, “Happy Ev plus 1 day!”  It was precious.  So, in honor of Whitney, today is Ev plus 2 day!  I have to say that I didn’t get nearly this big with Evan and I’m getting very tired.  It’s especially tough to get in and our of our Astro- by the time I get in to buckle the kids, then get in the driver’s side, I’m ready for a nap- especially if I’ve had several stops.  I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in I don’t know how long.  Either my legs hurt, my hips hurt, or- the worst- I itch all over (especially my legs.)  It’s so annoying!  The bad thing is that even if I don’t get a nap during the day, I still can’t sleep.  So I try to get a good nap, but Gabi hasn’t been particularly helpful this week.  I’m not complaining- I’m glad our baby boy is staying in there.  I’m just saying that it’s definitely harder than I thought.

-Ooh, this is what I’ve been really looking forward to telling you- James and I have made the decision to cloth diaper!  We’re going to use the same kind that my friend Rebecca (Hi Rebecca!) uses- Thirsties covers with prefolds.  We bought some brand-new ones off of craigslist for a great deal.  We’ve been using cloth since Thursday night (except last night b/c I had to wash them- we still have a lot more to get) and it’s really great.  I’ve changed several poopies and haven’t had any leaks.  (Though Naaman leaked out of his disposable last night, so he probably would have leaked out of cloth, too, but maybe not.)  I loved doing my first cloth diaper laundry last night- it really is the easiest laundry to do!  The covers we got on craigslist (we got 3 mediums) are just like Rebecca’s.  However, Thirsties has a new diaper (the Duo) that is 2-sizes- one for 0-9 months and one from 9 months to potty training.  We’re planning on ordering those for the rest (unless we find a good deal on barely-used originals) because they only cost a dollar more and the reviews are great so far.  We’ll end up saving a lot of money in the end, we think.  I still have so many questions, though, so Rebecca and I are going to try to talk this weekend so I can pick her brain :).  I’m excited about hearing her voice since we’ve never met in person… maybe one day.  Oh, and today Daddy will get to try out cloth for the first time- I don’t know if he’s exactly “excited” but I know that he’s definitly positive about the whole idea.  3 or 4 months of the cost of cheap disposables will pay for most of what we need for all 3 of our boys- then we’ll get to use them for future babies!  And…. James just came to tell me that Gabi bit Junior’s ears, so I think I’d better get in there…. oh the stories I wish I had time to tell you of things she’s done this week…. 3 is definitely harder than 2…  hope you all have a great week!


2 Responses to “It’s been awhile…”

  1. Whitney Says:

    I’ve always thought that if we had more than 2 in diapers at one time, we’d move to cloth diapers too! Fortunately for me, we haven’t! 🙂
    And, three is definitely harder than two here as well. Although Eli is being a difficult two… maybe the difference between boys and girls? Do the boys just get it out of their system earlier??? Hmmm… have to wait and see.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I loved reading this post. You are a great writer. I actually took some time to post today myself. 🙂

    It was a blessing to talk to you yesterday. I am excited for you and hope you have lots of fun with cloth diapering. If you have time and want to, you can always get on the Green Mountain Diapers message board. There are a lot of ladies who know a lot of stuff about diapers. It may overwhelm you but you can ask just about anything and get a straight answer from someone.

    Hope your day is great!


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