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An incredible gift… September 24, 2009

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I went back and forth about whether to share this or not.  I guess since I don’t know who is doing this for me.  I’m afraid to share it and not fully express the absolute gratefulness that I feel- how do you do something like this justice with words?  Anyhow, I finally decided I had to share because, as I’ve said before, this blog is for me:  it’s really my only record of our life right now, especially since I’m not great at getting out the camera and taking pictures and creating scrapbooks.  So, here goes…

Sunday night we went to the hospital to check on Matthew.  I had been having pain under my right ribs (in the liver area) and he had not been moving all day.  Of course, my bp was up, but nothing’s new with that.  My doctor (my favorite one, Dr. Ellis) thought that I should get Matthew checked out just to make sure.  He was, of course, fine.  I think I’m worse than a new mom because I know what can happen and it’s hard not to be fearful of that happening again.  Everyone says to trust the Lord, but I guess I trust more that He will be with us whatever happens, not that He will prevent bad things from happening.  I know I still need to find peace in Him and not worry, but that’s a little tougher to actually do! 🙂  I know, you’re thinking, so get on with the story…

So, when we got home around 9pm or so, there was a bucket sitting on our back stairs.  It was filled with cleaning supplies.  (My first “Kate” thought-because I’m a funny person, was “Oh, someone’s trying to tell me that I need to clean more often!)  However, there was also a note, and I’m going to type it out so that if I lose the hard copy, I’ll always have the words on here:

Dear McKinney Family,

You are a special family and God has laid on our hearts to do something special for you.  There is a lady named Jean.  She cleans houses for a living. She will be coming to your house on this Thursday, September 24th, at 9:00 and will clean for 4 hours.  She will continue to come to your house one time a week for at least the next 6 weeks.  If she tells us that she thinks she is making a difference for you, then she will come for 6 more weeks.  We have asked her not to give you our names, so please do not ask her. She will bring cleaning supplies with her and they will be safe for your young children. We hope you enjoy this gift of love. Thank you for blessing the lives of these children and for allowing us to bless you in return.


Friends in Christ

Yes, I cried.  Then I read the note to James.  Then I cried some more.  People who know me well know that I love a clean environment, but don’t particularly like to clean, though I’m getting a little better at being joyful because I know that God wants me to care for my family and home with joy.  Still, though, when I do try to clean, it’s almost impossible.  If I clean 1 room, the children wreck 2 more.  I wash 2 dishes, then have to stop to change a diaper, referee an argument, or fix a cup.  I’m not complaining, just explaining :).  I love my “lots of kids,” but it does truly multiply the work, especially while they’re little and can’t help much.  This was such an incredible blessing- especially with my concern that we’ll call my parents in the middle of the night to come over if I’m in labor, and I would be embarassed for them to walk into a messy home.  (Do you think Matthew would cooperate and come on a Thursday afternoon or evening? :))  I don’t know who did this for us.  I of course, have gone through the possibilities in my mind, but I’m not certain and I’m okay with that.  If I knew, I would want to repay them in some way, and I know I never could.  Jean came this morning and my home smells delightful!  My toilet is cleaner than it’s been since we moved here, and I can’t wait to take a bubble bath in that sparkling bathtub tonight!  (Yes, I’m going to be selfish and take one before the kids do!)  She didn’t get every room because this is such a large home, but she did way more than I expected or could have asked for.  My wood floors are dust-free and shiny and my kitchen sink glows.  Well, there you have it.  That’s the “gift” I’ve been kind of vague about.  Now you see why I had to sit down and write it all out- how it’s not something you can write one sentence about and be done.  James and I earnestly pray that one day God will give us the provision to be able to turn around and bless others in the way that He has used others to bless us in these tough years.  Thank you, Father, for laying this on Your people’s hearts.  I am so humbled that You love me so much, especially after I’ve fussed at James or complained because my own mess stresses me out!  (Oh, and readers, I don’t have time to spell-check today… sorry!)


4 Responses to “An incredible gift…”

  1. Kelly H Says:

    Thank you for explaining! makes much more sense now. What a blessing for your family.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Good is so good. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. Michelle Says:

    That should have been “God is so good” oops.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Praise God for His amazing provision! God is faithful and is filling your cup to overflowing. He sees your heart, the work that you do unto the Lord and how you are mothering His little lambs. Isn’t He wonderful to us!? I hope you have a great day and weekend!



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