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The new “us” and other news… November 19, 2009

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I’ve been wanting to post about our new life for awhile now, but it just never happens.  So, instead of trying to find a long period of time to do it, I’m going to leave this page pulled up and try to add a bit as I get time.  So, if it gets published half done or with gibberish, one of the kiddos probably got on here while I was otherwise occupied! 🙂  (Me, occupied, whatever with?)

First, we are now a family of 7!  Our little Matthew Scott joined us on October 26.  He weighed 6lb 12oz and was 18 and 3/4 inches long.  We had a c-section as planned at 37 weeks since I was preeclamptic and my blood pressure was slowly rising steadily.  Our hopes that he would not have to go to the NICU like Evan were dashed :(.  Probably due to the fact that I had tons of extra amniotic fluid and possibly because 10% of my placenta had stopped working (which we found out later), our little Matthew had trouble breathing.  He was on various breathing aparatuses (I don’t think that’s the correct plural spelling, but oh well) from Monday through Thursday afternoon.  Thursday morning, he was taken off of his ventilator at 3:30am, but stopped breathing at 5:30am and had to be bagged and have CPR to be revived.  This also had happened to Evan the day before he was supposed to come home, which caused him to have to stay in the NICU an extra week.  The nurses and doctors told me that this is often common when babies are taken off ventilators.  They get so used to the vents breathing for them that they forget to breath on their own.  Well, common or not, it’s terrifying to be told that your baby was blue and had to be revived.  I look at our five children and am amazed at what miracles they all are:  Gabi- born at 34 weeks; exposed to various drugs and alcohol constantly during her time in utero; born to a mother who spent time in jail and was sexually active with multiple men and exposed Gabi to multiple STDs (including Chlamydia, which she had to be treated for as a newborn.)  Sarah- born at 38 weeks; also exposed to various drugs and alcohol as well as STDs during her time in utero.  While her mother was pregnant, she was homeless and lived on various front porches.  Evan- born at 31 and a half weeks; exposed to my sick body, including high blood pressures and a liver that didn’t function correctly; stopped breathing and had to be revived.  Naaman- born at 38 weeks; in the NICU for 5 days for failure to transition; saved from an incredibly abusive home.  Matthew- well, you know his story now.  It just amazes me how good God has been to us to give us these 5 precious children to love, nurture, train, discipline, disciple, and call our own while we have them here on earth.  I hope that God will give us more children in the future.  However, if He chooses not to, then we are already more blessed than we could ever imagine.

As far as the other children, everyone is doing well.  I was so glad to be home after 3 long weeks away from my sweet family and they were happy to have me back.  The first day I was home Sarah kept saying, “Don’t leave me.”  I went outside to talk to a neighbor in the yard and Gabi started screaming and crying.  Now that I’ve been back a couple of weeks, they’re back to their normal selves.  No one has really had any baby jealousy, though Gabi has been wanting us to take her potty and Evan was a little clingy yesterday.  The Kings, who watched our Nafa for 2 and a half weeks, spoiled him insanely.  I’m glad he was so well taken care of, but he definitely had to get used to not getting everything he wants with the first whimper!  The other kiddos missed him and I think he’s glad to be back in this crazy house, too, though.

My health is good.  My blood pressures are being controlled with only half my medicine, which is great because the higher dose makes me so tired and “blah” feeling.  I’ve had some “baby blues” which I don’t remember with Evan, but maybe I had them and attributed the depression to him being in the NICU.  It’s not awful, I just get kind of weepy sometimes out of the blue.  Even with all the raging hormones and feeling tired from being up during the night with Matthew, I still feel so much better than I did toward the end of the pregnancy, and I’m so grateful for that.

James is doing well, though he’s tired too.  A newborn is always lots of work, but such a precious blessing!  We’re glad that he has 2 days off next week for Thanksgiving.  He and my dad built a lockable gate onto our front porch so I can take the kids out their to play and not worry about chasing Evan to the street or Nafa falling down the stairs.  It’s really dirty, though, with spider webs and grime so we probably won’t go out again ’til we can borrow a pressure washer and get it cleaned up.

We got another letter in the mail from our sweet angels.  It said that we would be receiving a key in the mail to a storage unit and that the unit would be filled with clothes, toys, and groceries.  We got the key last week and boy was that unit filled!  What an incredible blessing!  It even had brand-new matching outfits for the girls, which they love.   I also found out from our cleaning lady last week that we’ll get her for an additional 6 weeks, which I’m so grateful for!  I’m going to go through withdrawal when she stops coming!  If my angels are reading this, thank you so much.  We don’t even begin to know how to tell you what a blessing you have been during this time.

Well, I think that mostly catches us up on the basics.  I need to blow-dry my hair and put on deoderant before I forget!  (I’ve gone a couple days at a time forgetting to brush my teeth- gross, I know, but I’ll go to do it and get stopped along the way and forget what I was going to do!)  It may be awhile before I post again, though I’m trying to snap a couple of pictures a day to keep up with our life, so hopefully I’ll get to post those.  Have a good day!