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Mmmmm…. March 4, 2010

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Okay, so it’s late, but I wanted to post about this really quickly. Last weekend James and I watched Food, Inc. I’m not going to go into all it’s about- you can google it if you’re interested. Basically, it’s about where our food comes from, and also a little about the poor treatment of animals and, especially, people that goes on in an effort to get us fast, cheap food. We highly recommend it. Knowledge is always good, even if you don’t agree with it. Anyhoo….

So last weekend I tried to make a loaf of “No-knead Whole Wheat Bread.” It was good, but, despite the fact that I didn’t have to knead it, it was still kind of a pain. I had to use the mixer to mix it up, and that created more of a mess than I really cared for. So I looked on Craigslist for bread machines, and we found one in Gaffney for $20. A great deal since it was only used about 3 times and looked brand-new. It didn’t come with the instruction manual, but I was able to download and print that from the internet. That said, I finally had what I need to make bread tonight, so make bread I did. It is delicious! And I feel so good about giving my children something healthy to eat :). There was a little depression that happened when somebody I won’t name (Sarah Laine McKinney) opened the lid. Sigh… Oh well, it still tastes good… so, bear with my silly self, but here are some pictures :). (You can ooh and ahh over it for pretend, if you want :).)

Mmmm, looks good… I wonder how it tastes…..

See my handsome husband (or rather, his handsome hand) slicing our yummy bread? Notice the serrated knife… I’ve been using the serrated blades from my electric knife for over a year now, so my sweet husband brought home a real serrated knife.  Now to put it up in a very high LOCKED cabinet so the girls can’t get it….

Oh, and in case you’re wondering (you know you are, ha ha), hopefully I’ll have some sewing pictures to post after my class tomorrow. I LOVED my class! I got there about a half hour early and got right to work. The other girls and ladies were all sweet, and the instructor was a hoot! I got both the girls’ apron patterns cut out, but was held up with the bias tape because you were supposed to iron the curves in. Who woulda thunk it? So I’m bringing my iron tomorrow so I can iron the stuff as I go. I have a feeling I’m not gonna like bias tape very much… This past weekend I bought pretty fabric for the kids’ Easter outfits. Their patterns are all cut out, but I haven’t cut the fabric yet. I’m hoping to get their early tomorrow so I can get started, and I may stay a little late since the room will be empty and it’s a quiet place to work. (I didn’t last week ’cause I had an awful headache.) Okay, now I really have to go- the girls and I organized the kitchen cabinets today and I need to get the stuff that’s going to Good Will into a box for James to take during lunch tomorrow. Love you all!


6 Responses to “Mmmmm….”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Did you have to make your own bias tape or did you buy it? I’ve never ventured to make it b/c I couldn’t figure out how to cut it straight. Several people we know have watched Food Inc and I know one girl who’s a vegetarian b/c of it. Steven watched it on the laptop and told me some about it. If you liked it you’ll like the book Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan.

  2. ajournalforme Says:

    I bought it… I’ve seen “bias tape makers” that aren’t too expensive, but I don’t know if they work well. It would really save a lot of money if they did work because bias tape is so expensive. My issue is the tiny pockets on the girls’ aprons- the curves are so deep that it makes me nervous :/. I’m just going to have to start sewing and do my best, and rip it out and start over if I mess up. Oh, and I have that book and Pollan’s other ones on my “To Read” list… ha ha. They have them all at our library, but it’s hard for me to get there- maybe on Saturday. And thanks for offering me the seeds- I would love them. I was concerned about starting a garden and then moving, but I think we’ve figured out a way to make a raised bed so that we can take it with us if we do move. I’m afraid James is going to have to start seminary online here- I’d be shocked if Naaman’s case is settled by July or August. If we do stay, he really needs to find a job that pays more- if you hear of anything, would you let us know? He has his MBA, but sometimes people say he’s “over qualified.” He doesn’t care if he’s digging ditches, he just wants to support his family, you know? Anyhow, love you and hope you have a great day!

    • Michelle Says:

      I have tomato, bell pepper, banana pepper and jalapeno, would you like some of all of them or just certain ones? I will mail them to you.

      • ajournalforme Says:

        Yum! Probably just tomato and bell pepper- are those fairly easy to grow? How did you learn what needed sun, when to plant, etc? Did you just look on the internet, or do you have a good book? It’d be fun to try to get together (maybe with C-bear) instead of mailing them :).

      • Michelle Says:

        I looked at the farmers almanac online to see when to start them. You should probably start them pretty soon. Mine have been planted for about 2 weeks and they haven’t germinated yet. They say 6-8 weeks before you want them to go outside. I can send you some links. Candie and I are going to have dinner on Sunday at 6:30 at the Panera in Greer/Taylors if you want to join us. I could give them to you then. Just let me know.

  3. ajournalforme Says:

    That would be so much fun! Let me check with James, but I’m going to put it on my calendar. I may have to bring Matthew- would that be okay? He’s SUCH a good baby though. But if you’d rather me not, tell me- I won’t be upset. I just feel bad about already leaving James on Thursday nights to put all the kids to bed alone for sewing class- he does a great job, but he’s tired at the end of the day, too. Anyhow, I would love the links, and also, what else are some fairly easy things for someone who tends to kill living things without trying :). Email me if you want: mckinneyfam@gmail.com.

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